Recon Commando: Vientam (secrets agent) recon Comando Vietnam    

Recon Commando: Vietnam - Film | 2023 Not Rated | 1hr23m

"Recon Commando: Vietnam" is an action packed feature length documentary narrated by U.S. Army Reconnaissance (Recon) Commando David Barmettler during the height of the Vietnam War (1967). This Specialist 5 Recondo in the 101st Airborne makes a moving and heart wrenching audio tape letter home to his family for Christmas. His chilling tales of enemy engagement, near death experiences and gut emotion often reveal an unbreakable bond with his men nick-named "The Dirty Dozen". His stories and mindful perspective on the war allows the audience to experience a Soldier's calm during a conflicted period of U.S. history. Experience the horrors these Recon Commandos endured in the Vietnam jungles as they engage the relentless North Vietnamese military forces. This film was produced and edited by Joseph "J.J." Barmettler. It uses the actual analog audio recording from 1967 and fifty five year old DASPO stills and film footage from the Vietnam War that brings these lost souls back to life.

What one film festival reviewer wrote after screening this documentary:
“The filmmaker finds a unique heart-touching and (chilling sometimes) way to tell a Vietnam war story. The archive footage and the sound effects take us on a journey with the soldier through his pain and the loss of his friends. A fascinating window into time from one man's perspective. The audio taped message home is at times chilling, at times saddening, at times shocking, and at times thoroughly heartwarming, such as when Dave talks about the camaraderie amongst his men.”

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